Her: Kitchen bootcamp – of triple layer durian cake, eggs benny and satay chulut (Part II)

Because eggs benny in Singapore are sooooooo expensive, I decided to cook some for breakfast today.

I bought lots of eggs for my durian cake, so I had plenty to spare in case accidents happen. (They often do in my kitchen)

I came across this excellent website that has step-by-step instructions to poaching eggs and a recipe for hollandaise sauce.

And I say it’s excellent because for a noob cook like me, the eggs turned out REALLY WELL.

Poached eggs (originally from PBS)

  • 4 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon vinegar (cheap stuff will do)


  1. Add water to a large pot of water, then add the vinegar. Cover with a lid and bring to a rolling boil over high heat. Meanwhile crack the eggs into 4 small bowls or ramekins.
  2. When the water is at a rolling boil, remove the lid, and turn down the heat so there are still bubbles forming at the bottom of the pot, but the surface of the water is still.
  3. Carefully lower the ramekins into the water and tip the eggs out into the hot water one at a time. (I had some trouble with this step because when I tipped my eggs into the water, the egg whites started to disperse and then *panic mode on*. In the end I realised that the trick is to do this in one swift motion. Quick and swift. If some egg whites “stray” too far from the yolk, “coax” them back gently with a spoon, the egg should form nicely thereafter)
  4. Leave the eggs to cook undisturbed until they are cooked to your liking. You can test for this by lifting the egg out of the water and gently poking it with your finger. The white should be firm, and if you want a soft yolk, prod the yolk to see if it’s soft or firm.
  5. When the eggs are done, remove them from the pot with a slotted spoon one egg at a time and onto a double layer of paper towels to drain off the excess water. Serve the eggs with buttered toast.

Hollandaise sauce (source: No Recipe)

  • 1 egg yolk
  • 3 tblspns of unsalted butter
  • 2 tblspns of boiling water
  • 1 tspn of lemon juice
  • A pinch of lemon zest
  • Salt


  1. Setup a double boiler by finding a heatproof bowl that sits on the rim of a pot, then add 1/2″ of water to the pot before covering it with the bowl. The bottom of the bowl should not be touching the water
  2. Add the egg yolk and butter into the bowl and turn on the heat to medium. Whisk together until there are no lumps and the mixture is smooth
  3. Add the lemon zest and salt and then slowly add the boiling water while whisking constantly. Continue whisking until the mixture is thick and creamy. Do not overcook it or it will get lumpy.
  4. Use a towel or oven mitt to remove the bowl from the pot, then whisk in the lemon juice. Taste and adjust seasonings to taste.
  5. The Hollandaise Sauce needs to be used immediately or it will clump. If you need to hold it, you can periodically warm it in the double boiler while whisking to maintain a constant temperature between 150 and 160 degrees F.

I made the sauce twice because the first one got lumpy while I was trying to wake David up.

-_- Oh wells.

I assembled our breakfast with toasted bread (the nearby NTUC doesn’t sell English muffins), luncheon meat, hashbrowns and cucumber.

Breakfast would have tasted much better if we had them piping hot, but David was acting like such a pig and I wasted quite some time getting him off the bed.

Still, good enough fer me :)


eggs benny close up!

I did the eggs in two batches for fear that I wouldn’t be able to cope with all four at one go. The second batch of eggs came out waaaaayyyyy better. The insides were soft and gooey and the yolk flowed like molten lava. Delish!

David wanted to capture the yolk flowing out from mine but he snapped the picture too soon. -_-

And then we tried to take a video, this time with his but the egg was overdone.Double whammy.

The result? A hilarious video with some profanities.


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